Shortcut to open Video Recorder/Camcorder on your Android

Tutorial: How to open Android's video recorder by a single tap

Don't you hate it when you have to make a thousand clicks to open the Camcorder on your android?

Well, here's an app and a shortcut that will take you to your VIDEO recorder by a single tap.



I've seen a lot of apps on the android marketplace or should I say Google Play, that are a shortcut to video recorder, but they all have their limitations. Some have ads, some don't record at full resolution, and some don't record at all. Not only does this app work, but it also records at the full resolution possible.

I tried it on my Samsung Galaxy SL - i9003 running froyo 2.2 and it worked great. Go ahead, and try it on your android and let me know in the comments section below if it worked for you.