Check Flight Delays/Timings from your smartphone!

Here's how to check the flight timings of any flight anywhere around the world by using your smartphone. This app is very helpful if you need to pick someone from the airport or need to check if a flight has landed or taken off yet. It is also helpful in ascertaining the block timings or travel timings of a particular flight.

Please note, this app depends heavily on the airline providing information on flight timings, therefore always cross-check with the airline concerned if its an extremely important matter. This app is there to provide a general idea and is not 100% accurate.

App: Traveler by FlightStats
FlightStats Traveler provides quick access to flight, airport and airline status for business and leisure travelers. This application has global coverage and is the most feature-rich free travel app on the market with features that include:
Flight Tracking· Check flight status by flight number, route or airport· Flight on-a-map tracker· Save a flight for 1-button status updates
Save Trip Details· Create and save complete itinerary (flights, hotels, cars)· Sync trip details with TripIt ® via an $1.99 upgrade· Share itineraries with friends, family and co-workers
Global Airport Information· View airport arrivals and departures· Airport address, lat/long, current time and time zone· Worldwide airport delay information and delay maps· Local weather conditions· Google Map view of airport· 

Save your favorite airports for fast reference

Airline Information· Web and mobile website links· Reservation phone numbers · Save your favorite airlines for fast reference

For travelers that want an ad-free version of FlightStats Traveler, the FlightStats for Android App, released in May 2009, will still be available for purchase.