Preview any Youtube video before playing!

Here's a quick trick to preview any Youtube video before you click on them.
This is to prevent you from watching videos with misleading titles, description and tags.

People will do anything to make their video go viral, and some people would make us play their videos by putting misleading titles/tags on their video/s. This little extension will help you avoid such videos and will bring a better experience while watching Youtube videos.

Please note: This extension is for Google Chrome Browser and works like a charm. It is easily available on Google Chrome Web Store and is minuscule in size.

Steps to install it:

1. Open Google Chrome Web Browser.
2. Go to The Web Store.
3. Search "Youtube Video Preview"
4. Select the relevant option as shown in this video.
5. Click "Add to Chrome"
6. Click Add to confirm.
7. Open a new window/tab, go to and its done!