How to install Official Samsung ROM on your Samsung Galaxy SL i9003

I have a lot of tutorials on how to install a custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 on my YouTube Channel, however, in case you need to get back to the stock Samsung released Gingerbread firmware, follow this tutorial.

Caution: Please note that rooting/flashing your device voids your warranty and if done incorrectly may damage your device. Please do it at your own risk. The above method is suitable for Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 device only!

To install most of the official Samsung released firmware versions, you need to download and install the KPE version as base before you flash KPH or KPM say for example. Here's a video tutorial on how to install KPE as base if you need to know.

After you've successfully installed Gingerbread KPE as base, please download the stock firmware version of your choice from the list given below and install it using the following method.

Step1: Switch Off your device.
Step2: Get onto the Download Mode (Volume Down + Home + Power On key combination)
Step3: Connect the micro USB cable to the Phone/PC.
Step4: Open ODIN program on the PC. (Confirm connection through Yellow Box)
Step5: Hit the PDA box and browse and locate the downloaded stock firmware file.
Step6: Hit Start.
Step7: The phone will reboot and will restart with the stock ROM on it.

Here is a list of the most commonly used Gingerbread firmwares on the Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 mobile phone. Please select your choice carefully and flash your phone. The video tutorial below will help you through the flashing process of stock Gingerbread ROM from the KPE firmware.

DDLF2 (2.3.6) Download Link
Pass: OR samfirmware

XXKPH: Download link

XXKPM (2.3.5) Download link

XXKPN (2.3.5) Download link

XXKPQ (2.3.6) Download link

Here's a video tutorial on How to restock / install stock Samsung ROM on the Samsung Galaxy SL i9003: 

For a list of all other Stock/Developer edition firmware ROMs please follow the link mentioned below:

List of all other firmwares
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