Top 10 features of the FLYonGB ROM for the Samsung Galaxy SL i9003

There are a lot of unofficial custom roms out there that are based on Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy SL i9003. Since Samsung has not officially supported anything over Gingerbread for this device, most of these custom roms have some bugs due to which they are unable to be daily usable roms.

To have a custom rom based on Gingerbread for this device, that not only enhances the performance, but also gives you the power to customize it would be great, isn't it?

Lolation (from xda developers) has developed FLYonGB rom for the i9003 which is based on the latest DDMF1 value pack for Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. Here are 10 top reasons why you should consider switching over to this custom rom over any other JB/ICS based roms for the Samsung Galaxy SL i9003.

10. Pre-rooted and fully deodexed.
09. Based on stable 2.3.6 DDMF1 Gingerbread version.
08. Extended Power menu.
07. 14 Notification panel shortcuts.
06. Status Bar customizations/Notification panel transparency
05. Android 4.3 Bootanimation
04. Overclock-able upto 1.35 GHz

Watch this YouTube video I made, for the top 3 features of this custom rom.

Although, this rom is based on Gingerbread, I did find a few bugs worthy of mentioning.

Bug #1: In some cases, while selecting an option from the option box on the phone, the background and foreground colour seem similar, thereby making it difficult to recognize the options.

Bug #2: Every now and then, I keep getting these error messages from the Messaging service of the phone. An unexpected error in the mms settings.

Wanna try this ROM: Download from here: Developers/Download Link
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