Sim card to Micro-Sim card - My DIY story

If you follow my Blog/YouTube channel, you would know that I recently bought myself a Moto G dual sim mobile phone. I had been using a Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 for the past three years and it seemed like it was time for me to upgrade.

I did my fair bit of research before buying the Moto G and blogged about it here, "Top 5 reasons to buy the Moto G". Upon receiving the mobile phone I realized that it needed a 'micro SIM card' as opposed to a normal sized SIM card that I had been using on my Samsung all along. Instead of going ahead and converting my primary SIM card from a normal size to micro sized card, I decided to buy an additional SIM card for the time being.

I wanted to test the new phone, blog about it, make videos on it and then see if it was fit enough to be a daily driver for me and then use it as my primary phone number. After more than 2 months of testing, today I finally decided to insert my primary SIM card into the Moto G.

However, to be able to do that I needed to get my normal Vodafone SIM card converted to a micro sized SIM card. I had two options here:
  • Asking Vodafone to issue me a new micro SIM card.
  • Going to a local mobile shop and getting my current SIM card shortened/cut to a micro sized SIM card.
I went with neither and decided to buy myself a MicroSIM cutter and make it a DIY project. I found myself a deal online for the SIM cutter and it was delivered to me promptly.

The SIM cutter looks a lot like a normal paper stapler. There's a slot at the bottom where you can fit the normal sized SIM card and all you need to do is to exert pressure (a lot of it) on the handle and pop comes out a micro sized SIM card along with an empty shell.

Although, I was able to get a micro SIM card in my hand almost immediately, its edges were extremely rough and it didn't slide into the phone's SIM slot smoothly. I didn't want it to get stuck into the phone slot in case I needed to remove it so I decided to smoothen the edges a bit using a normal nail filer.

As you can see from the photographs, it still doesn't look like a company provided micro SIM card, but it fits decently well into the slot and works like a charm on my new phone.

In conclusion, I would say that it would've been easier for me to just go out and order a new micro SIM card, however, I felt it was more satisfying to complete this mini DIY project myself.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to comment in the box below for any questions or comments.