Top 3 Image Editing Apps for Android

We all love taking pictures, and with the advent of better camera specs on every new phone it becomes even easier to snap every happy moment of our life. While getting pictures printed and storing them in a hard copy format is old school, sharing them on Facebook/Instagram and other social media networks is what I usually prefer.

While pictures taken by the new generation mobile phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nokia Lumia 1020 are absolutely brilliant to begin with, they sometimes do need a little bit of editing to make them sharp and crisp. Here are three of my favourite image editing apps for Android that you may find useful for everyday images.

3. 'My Fake Look' by Black Mountain
This Android app is freely available at Google Play and is one of my personal favourites. Apart from cropping, framing, sharpening etc, this app will also add layers on top of the picture so that you can write and add custom effects on it. There are a lot of options available within the app like adding a moustache, a hat, sunglasses etc on someone's picture. Although it is extremely easy to use this app, the photo quality deteriorates a bit in the end. Go ahead, try this app for free from the Android app store, I'm sure you'll like it.

2. 'Pixlr Express' by AutoDesk Inc.
An awesome app if you're looking for a LOT of options to play around with. Every little editing option in this app has lots of sub-headings allowing you to be as creative as you can be. Definitely a must have app to have on your Android. I use a Motorola Moto G and this app works brilliantly on this device. Apart from editing photographs, this app lets you create a Collage of your favourite images on your device. Another useful option with this app is that it lets you save the image in the image quality of your choice. You can choose to save the edited image in Low, Medium, High as well as a custom size quality. I'm sure you'll love this app, do let me know in the comments section below if you liked it.

1. 'Photo Editor' by Aviary
This is by far one of the most 'easy to use' photo editor app that I have ever come across. Freely available on Google Play and is about 10.3 MB in size. Auto-enhance, colour adjustments, brightness, contrast, sharpen, blur, draw, add text and everything else that you can think of is available in the app. The best feature that I came across in this app is its ability to manually adjust the focus on any point of your choice. Whats more, you also have a template to make memes directly out of this app and share it on the web. Clearly, the winner and my personal choice.

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