Camera Review - Motorola Moto E (Images)

We've heard a lot about quality of pictures the Motorola Moto E generates. While some say its camera quality is obnoxious, some say its decent enough for use. Believe no one, check the camera samples yourself and decide. Here are some of image samples that I took while using the Moto E.

Image1: Taken under a bright afternoon sun from my window.
While this isn't the original size and has been shrunk to fit screen size, we can still see some grain. The colors are decent thanks to the sun but the picture needs a little bit of contrast in my opinion.

Image2: Taken immediately after the first image, same lighting conditions.
Colours look absolutely washed out in this picture. A bit overexposed, grainy and dull. I completely dislike this picture.

Image3: Indoors with bright light coming in from the windows.
The lack of autofocus on its camera led me to take this disaster of a picture. Fixed focus cameras should be a thing of the past, not present nor future. 

Image4: Indoors against incoming light from the window, with HDR enabled.
The only half-decent photograph that I could manage with the Motorola Moto E was taken with HDR settings ON, exposure metering at the window. In reality, this room was darker than how it looks in the picture and was pretty sunny outside. Although the picture is grainy, the camera did a good job lighting up the room.

I hope this article gives you an idea of how images taken from the Motorola Moto E look like. I will be posting an article on the video quality of this smartphone as well. Be sure to subscribe and check it out. Please let me know in the comments section about your experience with the Moto E and its camera.