Amazon Free Delivery Hack

Would you be interested in having shipping charges waived off your orders from Amazon?

Who wouldn't?

I recently came across this hack that lets me have my orders delivered to my doorstep without any delivery charge. Here's how you can also make use of it.

We all shop online, don't we? I live in India and regularly buy stuff from websites like Flipkart and Amazon India. Not only does it save me time but also a lot of money by offering discounted prices on a lot of products.

Amazon until recently, had a policy of delivering all products free of any delivery charges. However, they've now changed it to free delivery for products priced above Rs.499 as you can see from the screenshot below.

Amazon delivery charges

So, if I need to order an item below the price limit of Rs.499, I will have to pay Rs.40 as delivery charges. Even if your cart total is Rs.498, you would end up paying an additional Rs.40 for delivery.


This is how you can go-around this obstacle. There are still some categories where no matter what the price is, Amazon ships the items free of any delivery charges. So, if you club your order with any item from this category, your entire order would be delivered free of delivery charges. At the time of writing this article, products in this category start from as low as Rs.27. 

All you need to do is, select and add any one of these items in your Amazon cart in addition to the product that you need to purchase and your entire order will be delivered without any extra delivery charges. 

TIPI normally club my purchases with products that I regularly need for my personal use, e.g. toothpaste, face wash etc. 

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