CF-ROOT files for common i9003 firmwares

Here is a list of the most commonly used firmwares on the Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 mobile phones. These CF-ROOT files are designed to root your device. Please note that rooting your device voids your warranty and if done incorrectly may damage your device. Please do it at your own risk.

The most common firmwares are listed below. For a complete list of firmware CF-ROOT files, please follow the link to the xda website below:

KPU: XXKPU-CFROOT-29-02-2012.tar
DDKP3: DDKP3-CFROOT-12-02-2012.tar
JXKP3: JXKP3-CFROOT-25-05-2012.tar
KPE: ZHKPE-CFROOT-25-05-2012.tar
DDLF2: DDLF2_CFROOT-05-07-2012.tar
DDKP2: DDKP2-CFROOT-23-12-2011.tar
DDKP1: DDKP1-CFROOT-23-12-2011.tar
DDMF1: DDMF1-CFROOT-27-06-2013.tar

I have personally used the following firmwares on my i9003 and the cf-root files for them linked above work wonderfully well:
  • KPU
  • KPE
  • DDLF2
  • DDMF1
Complete List of firmwares

In some cases, after rooting your i9003 with the above mentioned root files, you may encounter a "WiFi error" wherein, you may not be able to switch on the WiFi on the device. Nothing to worry, an easy solution to this problem has been discussed here:

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