Swap SD for Android (Gingerbread version)

How to swap Android's tiny internal memory with the external SD card.

If you have an old Android phone with a smallish internal memory, chances are that you're not able to download and play a lot of heavy games onto it. Although there are a lot of reasons for it, one of it could be that you do not have enough internal memory and the games data won't save itself in the SD card.

Well, if you're running a stock Gingerbread ROM on your Samsung Galaxy SL i9003, here's how to swap your internal phone memory with the external SD card.
  • Please follow this tutorial at your own risk.
  • I may not be held responsible for any bricked phones, earthquakes or any other problem arising out of this.
  • This will only work on the Samsung Galaxy SL i9003
  • You would need ROOT access (How to root?)
  • Recommended SD card: Class 10 high speed


Please note, this process will only work on Gingerbread rooted i9003 and is not suggested for any other custom ROM.

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